We’re pleased to be able to finally show you round our amazing self-built campervan Carlo! He’s a 202 Fiat Ducato L2H2 panel van that we spent over a year converting into the campervan of our dreams – with no previous experience! We’re over the moon with the result, both because of the sheer amount of space we’ve been able to have in an L2/medium wheelbase Ducato and also because of the cozy yet modern interior we have created. We love our campervan and have already been on some amazing adventures in Europe. Check those out on here or on our Instagram at https://instagram.com/ourvanplan KEY FEATURES: – Romac alloy wheels and Michelin Agilis Cross Climate Tyres – Low profile swivel seat bases – Lagun mount cab table – Slatted wooden ceiling – Full depth kitchen worktop – Electro-magnet drawer locks – Corner sofa – Pull out full size double bed – Hidden toilet storage – Outdoor shower – Gas, electric and water system information – Van security features TIMINGS: 00:00 Intro 01:15 Living area 3:49 Kitchen 6:23 Bed 7:29 Services 9:21 Garage, Water and Electric 11:57 Van security VAN BUILD SERIES: You can watch our full van build series here: PRODUCTS USED: An ever growing list of the products we used: https://www.ourvanplan.com/products WHO ARE WE? We’re Mark and Neil and this is Our Van Plan.

We’ve always wanted a camper van and took the plunge in 2020 by ordering a brand new medium wheelbase (L2H2) Fiat Ducato. We are converting it ourselves into the van of our dreams with little previous experience. We’re glad to have you along for the ride! FOLLOW US You can follow our build in real time over on Instagram…. https://instagram.com/ourvanplan #vantour #selfbuildcamper #campervan #vanlife

33 Replies to “VAN TOUR | UK Self-Build CAMPERVAN CONVERSION | Fiat Ducato L2H2”

    1. @Our Van Plan I have the same platform converted by myself and my only worry is that all over Europe at some point police might say something about not having the separating panel of the cabin

    2. I’ve not heard of that being a problem, and our van was brand new from the factory without that so we haven’t removed it, it was never there!

  1. Great vid, been lightly following the series. Just starting our 2nd conversion now. If you dont mind me asking, what camera/ cameras + audio gear do you use?

    1. Thanks Connor. I use a Go pro hero 10 for the vlogs and a Sony A7iii for this tour video and most of the build. Audio is Rode mic.

    2. Follow-up to my last. Really admire what you did for security here. our last van got stolen about a week after completion, we were gutted. So our new van will go above an beyond in terms of security. Really like the idea of bear lock, so will make sure I get that sorted now!

    3. I can’t imagine how you must have felt, my worst nightmare. Definitely worth investing in. If you do go for bear lock they have me a 10% discount code to share: VANPLAN10 (we’re not sponsored, they’re just lovely people and great product).

  2. Love it 👍👍

    I totally empathise with the blood sweat and tears but you’ve done an amazing job 👍

    How much was the Bear Lock?

  3. Absolutely love the build guys. Great videos. Starting my van build journey now . Total amatuer at this . Keep up the good vids 👌

  4. I’ve followed this build from the very start and mate what a van it’s turned out to be😎 the finish on it looks so professional I would be so proud if it was mine. The electromagnets that hold the draws is a genius idea…personally love to see a short video on that (I’m a spark so understand how it works) but I think a lot of people would like to know about that😎 one of my favourite parts is the detail around the fans how you’ve shaped the wood that looks brilliant 🤩
    Full 10/10 from me guys hope you have many happy trips away in it 👍🏼👍🏼

    1. Thanks so much for saying this, really chuffed to read comments like this 👍🏻 yeah I did film a bit on the magnets so I’ll see what I can put together. Thanks again for watching from the start.

    1. I haven’t added it all up yet. Probably don’t want too 😂 but it wasn’t a mega cheap build, we invested and chose materials a bit more pricey when we could have done things differently and cut back. Certainly possible on a reasonable budget on a cheaper van.

  5. What a great end result! Thanks for the series of videos, i think i’ll be referring back to them a lot when i start my van! Enjoy the fruits of your labour guys!

    Not sure on your plans for the future but would appreciate a review once you’ve been out in it a few times, maybe highlight any clear positives or negatives!
    Cheers 🙂

  6. Yay finally! I can’t tell you how helpful your videos have been. I’m just starting my second (and bigger!) conversion now and your videos have really taught me how to be a stickler for the details!! Your attention to detail shows throughout. You should start a conversion business!

    1. Aww thanks that’s really lovely of you. Few people have said that and after I finished this one I thought Never again! But now, I feel like I could do another one 😂 must be exciting doing a second, good luck with it and thanks again for your kind words, means a lot.

  7. Congrats you finished 👏…mine finished but not as high spec but happy with it i live in mine 5 nights a week at my companies yard which basically is full of lorry trailers with no toliet…so the last 6 weeks been sleeping showering in my van instead of the truck..

  8. It looks amazing, well done! Yours is a lot smarter than ours, but we have EXACTLY the same layout. Great minds think alike! Happy travels 🙂

  9. Bloody amazing work guys! Vans looking amazing and the attention to detail that went into this build is incredible! 😊

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