In a break from our European Adventure, come with us to the International Campervan and Adventure Overland Show. We had a fantastic day catching up with friends, checking out the Self Build Campervans and exploring some of the more quirky Overland vehicles! Our family have been roaming around the UK, Europe and US since 2007. We set off on each trip with only a rough destination in mind, allowing the roads we take and places we stop to evolve as we meet new friends along the way. ​If you have found us and enjoy our stories or have tips and recommendations ​then please get in touch as we’d love to hear from you.

Full details of our camping, motorhome & filming gear can be found here : We use Epidemic Sounds for our music. Use our link for a month free when you sign up:


  1. “Teachers?” I’m a Teacher of 30+ yrs and I learn MORE from Mrs Radford—The Historian, than I EVER did when I was at school! ☺

  2. Enjoyed watching this, thanks. Can I ask where you get your leggings from? Just in process of converting micro camper so might see you there next time 😊

  3. 12volt air conditioning? What’s the make and model please ? This is groundbreaking! That’s the first air conditioning unit I’ve ever heard of that can cool a motorhome on 12volt !

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